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Air Cargo Service

Phil. 4 You now gives you the ability to send more quickly a package to the Philippines. Would you like to use this service? You can order a package online.

Air Cargo Service

Vivo Bonito Service

Throughout the year you can send boxes to the Philippines through our Vivo Bonito service. Click for more information.

Vivo Bonito Service

Balik Bayan Service

Order your boxes fast and simple! You can purchase your boxes or make your reservation through our website. Please contact us for more information.

Balik Bayan Service

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For a quick order process, simply search a destination and check out right away.

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With our track & trace number you can track & trace your package on the LBC Express website.

Click on the link and type your tracking number in the top of the screen (track an LBC Padala) your tracking number looks like this 0916905001 (example!)

You will now see the entire status of your package.

If this fails please contact us.

Yes, the boxes will be picked up at your home. We collect the boxes during the collection weekends. Please check the shipments overview to see when we will come to your house to pick up your box.

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To pack and close the box, fold the short flaps first. Then fold the long flaps and make sure the flaps all close well. Afterwards, use tape over the entire box to close and protect the box entirely. It is preferred that you use transparent tape. If you do not have transparent tape, please use brown tape. Do not use gray duct tape, it will let loose because of the warmth in the Philippines.

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If you’re unexpectedly not present at home when we pick up your box(es), there is always a solution. Try asking a friend or family member to hand over the box(es). You can also let the box be picked up at a different address. In case of such problems, please always contact us so that we can come to a suitable solution on time.

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