Air Cargo Service

Air Cargo Service

Phil 4 You is the balikbayan delivery partner with a full range of delivery services.

Key benefits of air cargo

  • Quick transit
  • Fast handling of cargo
  • Less documentation
  • Reliable departures and arrivals
  • Enhanced safety for your cargo
  • Delivery to all regions

Fastest Service

Our Air Cargo service is the fastest balikbayan service in the market. Your boxes are delivered to your loved ones within just two weeks after pick up. This is 4 to 6 times faster than transportation by cargo ship!

Reliable Transport

While the estimated times of arrival are very circumstantial for sea cargo, air cargo has reliable departure and arrival dates. There’s also less documentation involved, which speeds up the transit.

Enhanced Safety

Transportation by air significantly enhances the level of safety for your cargo. Due to more security and less handling of cargo, it is the safest way possible for your cargo to reach your destination damage-free.

Choose This Service

This service is the perfect solution if you have fragile or high-value lightweight cargo, or if you’re sending boxes with urgence.

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