With our track & trace number you can track & trace your package on the LBC Express website.

Click on the link and type your tracking number in the top of the screen (track an LBC Padala) your tracking number looks like this 0916905001 (example!)

You will now see the entire status of your package.

If this fails please contact us.

A track & trace number is a unique number associated with the box you sent. This number is on your transportation contract, packing list and label. This number is per box per mission unique and can only be used for the shipment where the box is reserved. The track & trace number is composed of the following: (number below is an example!)

TN No. 09 16 9050 01 (mentioned on the packing list 0916905001)

09 (month of reservation)

16 (year)

9050 (customer number)

01 (box number) when you sent several boxes it will be like this 02, 03, 04

It is not required to register on our site. You can simply place your order and fill in the required details. Your details will not be stored in our customer database. The advantage of registering is that you can review your orders and that your information will be automatically filled in the next time you place an order.

You can order now two different size boxes on our website.

Medium size approximately 55 x 50 x 38 cm (96 liters)
Large size approximately 76 x 55 x 50 cm (209 liters)

If you have boxes in stock of our old format or a custom size, you can also just send it with us.

Please contact us at.

rowena@phil4you.nl or phone 0174-270656 / 06-51898773

Yes, the boxes will be picked up at your home. We collect the boxes during the collection weekends. Please check the shipments overview to see when we will come to your house to pick up your box.

Shipments →

Your boxes will be picked up during the collection weekends. You can find an overview of the collection weekends here. One or two days before the collection, you will receive a notification about the time and day when your boxes will be picked up.

Are your boxes upstairs or in the attic? We ask our clients to have the boxes ready on the ground floor. If this is a problem for you, we would appreciate it if you notify us about this in advance. We advise to pack the boxes on the ground floor to prevent damage to the content of the box and possibly damage to walls in stairwells. Phil. 4 You is not responsible for any damage caused because of bringing boxes down from another floor.

You will receive documents along with your delivery or through e-mail. The documents are: 1) Transport Contract 2) Packing List and 3) Copy of general conditions. Please sign and return the transport contract within one week before the shipment! The packing list should be filled in truthfully and in english. Please hand your packing list to the driver when your boxes are collected.

Yes. You must use a separate packing list for each box. Each packing list and label has its own unique Track & Trace number. For each box you will need a unique document with a tracking number.

You can order a box through our website together with any reservation. The process works like a regular webshop. We have a detailed description available on how to order. Click the button below to read the instructions.

How to order →

To pack and close the box, fold the short flaps first. Then fold the long flaps and make sure the flaps all close well. Afterwards, use tape over the entire box to close and protect the box entirely. It is preferred that you use transparent tape. If you do not have transparent tape, please use brown tape. Do not use gray duct tape, it will let loose because of the warmth in the Philippines.

DSCN6196-001 DSCN6197 DSCN6198 DSCN6203 DSCN6201

No, you can not use old documents. All documents have a unique code that changes each time per shipment. We will always give you documents intended for one shipment. If your shipment is cancelled at the last minute, you will receive new documents for your next shipment.

If you’re unexpectedly not present at home when we pick up your box(es), there is always a solution. Try asking a friend or family member to hand over the box(es). You can also let the box be picked up at a different address. In case of such problems, please always contact us so that we can come to a suitable solution on time.

Phil. 4 You wants to provide the best service to our customers. To ensure this, we have an advice weight. If you stick to this weight, we can guarantee that your boxes will be handled with care and that any damage is limited during transport.

Advice weights:
Large: Max 60 kilos
Medium: Max 30
Vivo Bonito: Max 20 or 25 Kilo (Depending on what you ordered)

As a customer of Phil. 4 You, you can make your order at our Toko 4 All website and have them delivered when we come to pick up your boxes. This will save you shipping costs! You can in this case also order frozen or fresh products from our toko. Would you like to use this extra service? Please visit our toko4all.nl website and place your order. Make sure you add “Phil. 4 You Extra Service” to the order comments when checking out and choose [Pick up] as your delivery method. We will then make sure your order will be delivered to your address during the Phil. 4 You collection weekend.