Large Air Cargo Service


Air cargo Box with a maximum weight of 10 kilo. A premium quality box with a size of approximately 49 x 33 x 26,5 cm. With a volume of about 42 liters.

Large Air Cargo Service

Key benefits of air cargo

  • Quick transit
  • Fast handling of cargo
  • Less documentation
  • Reliable departures and arrivals
  • Enhanced safety for your cargo
  • Delivery to all regions

How to Order

Select the shipment month and the weight up to 10 kg. You will see a price indication without any potential taxes. Add it to your cart and submit your info and payment at the checkout to complete your order. Optionally, empty boxes can be ordered at the checkout and are delivered within two working days.

Price/Weight Ratio

Air Cargo prices are not based on regional distance, but weight. Do you have questions about the prices? Or do you need to send cargo with deviating shapes and sizes? Please contact us.

Express Service

Are you sending with urgence? You can select the express service in the checkout. We will contact you for a swift delivery.

The Shipping Process

You will receive information and documents from us that are needed for a swift handling. Every article that goes inside the box, needs to be documented on a form. Send us the filled in form for a final quotation.

Prohibited and taxable articles

We will check if the form contains articles that are prohibited or taxable. The weight of the box and possible taxes are calculated in the final price. After your approval, we ask you to pay in advance.


You will receive post labels that allow you to send your boxes to us with Post NL or DHL. These costs are your own. Of course, you can also drop them off at our warehouse on appointment.

Transport by Air Cargo

We then check your boxes and cargo list.After approval, we will seal your boxes and bring them via LBC Express in London to the airplane. There is no handling at the customs in the Philippines and within two weeks your boxes will reach their destination.