Vivo Bonito

From 1 January 2018, we offer our new Vivo Bonito service.

Vivo Bonito

Throughout the year you can send boxes to the Philippines through our Vivo Bonito service. You can visit our website to make a reservation and you can choose to use the Vivo Bonito service. Boxes send with the Vivo Bonito service have a maximum weight of 25 kilo.


Manila € 55,- *
Central & North Luzon € 60,- *
Visayas € 70,- *
Mindanao € 75,- *

* In the month of December there is a surcharge of € 20 per box

Medium Boxes

  • Box / booking must be ordered / made through our website
  • Boxes can be delivered by appointment at our warehouse wateringen.
  • Or we will provide you the shipping label and the boxes have to be delivered to a Post NL drop-off point.
  • If you are not able to bring to the box a Post NL drop-off point, please contact us.
  • Boxes that are sent by postal may not exceed the maximum weight of 25 kilo for each box!!
  • You have to bring the package to a Post NL drop-off point of your choice. The cost of this transport is for our account. When the box is heavier then 25 kilo there will be a fine from Post NL.  This fine is about €85,- for each box and will be charged on the account of the customer.

Order your Vivo Bonito